Creativity with Pure and Honest Intention

Creative Intention Prompts are not a goal or a plan. They are a gentle reminder to allow process to flow freely. They can be used in your studio, in your spiritual practice or even at the start of your day. It is the opportunity to try something new; to welcome a different way, to grow or experience.

Creativity with honest and pure intention, and with ego removed, is often lost in the process. We seek perfection and not allow the process to happen organically.

Take a look through each of prompts and see if any resonate with you OR try just pulling a card and invite that word in your life.

Below are thoughts and questions to help you engage with the intentions.

•ACTION• Action insinuates change. What would happen if we called on ACTION join us on our creative journey? What would that do to our habits? Would it be easier to take risks? Action insinuates change. Is a change needed in your story, your habits or your ability to take risks?

•ENERGY• If you are creating work that does not speak to who you truly are, what is it that people are connecting with? If you focus more on your creative ENERGY then seeking out perfection, is it possible to take your work to the next level? It is possible to share your story without words?

•CURIOSITY• Do you find that in your creative process you have stopped asking questions? Questions are just as important as the tools we use to create with. They are fuelling your CURIOSITY. They are quietly cheering you on and helping you grow. Do you need more curiosity in your space?

•HUMILITY• There are so many ways to look and accept the word HUMILITY in your creative process.

What if we *try* to look at humility a gift? Is it possible to accept criticism as graciously as we accept compliments?

•CONFIDENCE• Who could not use a little more confidence in their overall creative process?! Confidence can be a deal breaker for a lot of people to step outside what feels safe. What would happen if we yelled "I GOT THIS"? Try new things, take risks – embraced your CONFIDENCE.

•MINDFULNESS • Mindfulness is being able to accept every single part of a process. What if we took a moment to step away from the "finished" product and started exploring our process? What do you see, smell, hear and feel? Try exploring what it is you are doing and not what you are creating.

•OBSERVATION• Observation is gift to most creatives but it is not always recognized. It is the base of all forms of creativity. It is the ability to see things differently. It is using your imagination. OBSERVATION can change the way we see things, the way we open our minds and how and what we create. What do you want to feel? What do you need to see?

•RESOURCEFULNESS• Resourcefulness is the ability to cope with difficulties.

What would happen if you were to invite RESOURCEFULNESS to your process?

Would you allow yourself to try new things or take new approaches?

What would you do to say yes?


In order to ELEVATE your practice you need to recognize your strengths. Acknowledging and supporting those strengths can take you self and your practice to new levels. What makes you shine? What is uniquely you? What are your strengths and how can you use them to build yourself up?


Creative FREEDOM is to embody authenticity. To create without fear or judgement (internal or external).

To experience creative freedom is to support the mindset for creativity.

Do you believe and trust in your originality?


Creative GROWTH is about letting go of what you think you should do and welcome the opportunity for improvement and change. It is about becoming the best version of your true self. Do you feel like you are ready to take a risk? What questions do you need to ask?


To CULIVATE is to keep going, to believe in what you do with all your heart and to become the essence of that. To cultivate creativity is to believe in what you are doing despite your inner critic.

Do you believe in what you do? In who you are?

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